Perversions and their consequences

from by The Outborn

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Second track of our EP, feat : Will Lapointe (AFTERMATH, Black Khox) & Yann Grenier (ROPE)


Too bad,this is the end of our story.
Should have fled this tragedy.
For a shell where her fortune,
wouldn't suddenly melted away.
More then an insult was her decision,
to keep my semen growing inside her.
if there was any possibility
to be born with the same pathology..
A chance, to be curse as I;
this embryo had no other option but to die
through a rough "old-fashion" abortion,
might be the most finest correction.
to satisfy those obscure fantasy
that stir my deepest nights,
haunt my brightest days.
Dye in red a life made of shades of grey.
as I plunge within her
through the navel and extirp this horror
hanging by the umbilical cord
what would have been my son, looks like inert
dropped among, fluids and entrails,
this foetus's now the least of my concerns
all soak up, and fucked up.
Ain't no stress, but I should really clean up this mess
To forsake, nor to ache,
once for all what we'll call 'a mistake'
a behavior, which I abhor
similar to such a thousand whore
mop and soap, would take at least a lifetime
a Molotov solution would sterilize just fine
burn it all to the ground,
'till no proof can be found
In a way I feel sorry
cause this wasn't meant to be
as all the the trust I had in you
has fractured like glass
echoes from the past
this was more than lies
it was your demise
the nature of man is set on violence
perversion and consequences.
engineers, of this distorted reality,
through life and death, until our last breath,
through life and death, this our last breath
[You're] the one left to bear.
for all the chance I never had,
for all those failures I've passed through
Ironic that I've truly loved you
but it was just not enough...
to fight this visceral need I must fulfilled.
With the blood of a beloved one...
there's eventuality you cannot fight
as this last stand doesn't shine so bright
I'd blame Faith but I never believed
there's eventuality you cannot fight
as this last stand doesn't shine so bright
I'd blame Faith but who'd believe.


from ''Path of lunacy EP'' *​*​free​*​*, released August 2, 2014
The Outborn / Gab Joly, Rick Lepage, Ninjon, Max Martel (ex singer, lyrics)



all rights reserved


The Outborn Québec

Progessive Metal Band from Québec, canada. Started in 2008 we have recorder one single, and a EP which you can download right here. Check out our facebook page and give us a like !

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